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International transport can be a complex process of many specialized services or may be a simple act of moving freight from point A to point B. Ultimately, international transport aims to deliver the product from one point to another in the most effective way, and thus a cost-effective way for the customer. It may require different methods of transporting goods loads depending on the customer’s needs.
Our forwarding company can offer you the following services which include

  • Inland transport
  • Air transport
  • Sea transport

This saves money and provides additional value-added supply chain services.

Inland transport of goods.

This is the most popular form of transport within the circulation of goods in the European Union. We use the right type of vehicle depending on the type of load. In individual cases, road transport procedure can be more efficient as well as faster than air transport in which case it is also necessary to use road transport in order to deliver the goods to the airport. Approximate transport times on individual routes:

  • International transport route Poland – Spain
    Poland (Krakow) – Spain (Madrid) – around 3.5 daysusługi-przeowozowe-unia-europejska
    Poland (Krakow) – Spain (Seville) – about 4 days
  • International transport route Poland – Italy
    Poland (Krakow) – Italy (Rome) – about 3 days
    Poland (Krakow) – Italy (Sicily) – about 4.5 days
  • International transport route Poland – Austria
    Poland (Krakow) – Austria (Vienna) – about 8 hours

If you have questions about individual transport times in the EU, please contact our qualified forwarders.

Air freight transport of goods

This is undoubtedly the fastest way to transport goods, but it is also the most expensive of services. Nevertheless, air freight is the best solution for time sensitive cargo and is the fastest and most secure way of transportation. This process usually takes 2 to 4 days.

Sea transport of freight

This is the most efficient way of shipping intercontinental cargo. 20STD, 40STD and 40HC are the most commonly used transport containers. There are also many types of ocean containers used for international sea freight, including 45HC. Open containers, top containers, flat containers, racks etc. As a partner we can propose which type of container depending on the volume and type of product, which will be more suitable for you and will save costs.

Challenges in international transport.

In the era of global development of global markets, we are observing an increase in the global expansion of goods from year to year. Therefore, the intensity of international transport is also increasing. This therefore poses a number of challenges such as meeting:

  • Transit time,
  • The consolidation of a wide variety of goods,
  • Division of sectors in the implementation of international transport services,
  • Frequent changes in regulations,
  • Increasing the demand for oversized transport,
  • Improving freight security,

The above-mentioned problems can be solved by modern European transport companies that specialize in international transport services.

Compliance with transit time.

Our company constantly monitors road conditions on the transport route in order to provide international transport services on time. Any possible deviations from the planned route are analyzed on an ongoing basis taking into account the impact of changes in weather conditions.

Consolidation of goods.

We use the most effective ways to consolidate international shipments thanks to cooperation with key partners. Consolidation takes place in specialized warehouses that ensure fast de-consolidation so that the goods reach the place of delivery as soon as possible. As a result, it significantly reduces the costs associated with transport and logistics of shipments..

Division into sectors in international transport

We pay a lot of attention to the process of planning the division into sectors depending on the specific details and type of products that we deliver to clients. We pay special attention to compliance with national and international regulations in the process of international deliveries. We often try to be a link between the customers and managers. This results in the appropriate development of faster solutions and levelling of problems in an individual and appropriate way for a given problem.

Frequent changes in transport regulations.

International logistics requires us to take into account all factors related to goods transport services. For this purpose, the persons responsible in the company monitor all changes in national and international regulations on an ongoing basis. As a result, to constant up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulations, we avoid problems and unpleasant surprises. Therefore, the implementation of services is smooth and transparent.

Oversized international transport.

The increasing demand for the need to transport large and heavy loads exceeding the standard dimensions of semi-trailers requires solutions to technical and procedural problems. Oversized transport, in particular international transport, requires a specialized route plan each time. The regulations limiting the weight of transport vehicles and loads appropriate for a given country, force the preparation of a route design plan with particular consideration of crossings and bridges. Obviously maintaining the appropriate total weight per axle (in most EU countries 12 tons/axle), which often force the use of specialized semi-trailers with additional support elements.

Speed Truck

Most problems with international cargo transportation result from a lack of knowledge and ignorance of the rules and regulations in force in individual countries. Speed Truck Kinga Grzyb offers services that are always the best and most cost-effective for your needs. We provide our customers throughout the European Union that they always receive fully professional safe and reliable transport services.

We started operating in 2014 and are a dynamically developing company in the international transport industry. Initially, we had one vehicle and a small office employing two people. Reliable and honest work over a period of several years has significantly expanded our fleet, while building the trust of customers from all over Europe. We currently have several dozen vehicles; we employ several dozen employees. We have a large transport base of 2 ha equipped with in-run scales. The whole facility is guarded and equipped with innovative monitoring.

We provide services for companies in the manufacturing and trade industries from across the European Union, offering a full range of TSL services. We place great emphasis on the safety and quality of services offered, and we approach each client individually. We value customer time and good contact. We have at our disposal a modern fleet of vehicles that meet the requirements of Euro 6. Please feel free to contact us..

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