Refrigerated Transport

With us you will keep the highest quality of goods.

Refrigerated Transport

As the basic business segment of our company, we provide services for production and trade companies in the food, agricultural, pharmacological, chemical and cosmetic industries.

Our modern cold stores will allow us to preserve the properties of the goods without risk of damage or destruction. We meet all necessary ADR requirements. Our transport complies with the Road Transport Act as well as the international ATP agreement. The measuring instruments meet the EN 12830 and EN 13486 standards.

We control the parameters of the cold store on an ongoing basis “online”, in addition, we oblige drivers to systematically monitor, which is confirmed by a printout from a thermograph. The entire process is supervised by properly trained drivers and forwarders from the moment of loading. The load always goes to properly cooled refrigerators.

The highest allowable temp. according to ATM
Chilled food items:

Produkt Max. temp.
Finished meat products +2°C
Offal and their processing +3°C
Raw milk/industrial milk +6°C
Meat products / no salt, rying +6°C
Fish Produce +6°C
Venison and red meat +7°C
Unprocessed fish and crustaceans melting ice

The highest allowable temp. according to ATM
Deep-frozen products:

Product Max. temp.
Ice cream -20°C
Frozen – cream, juice concentrates -20°C
Frozen – fish, crustaceans -18°C
All other frozen items -18°C
Frozen butter and fats -14°C
All other frozen items -12°C
Butter -10°C

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